24x7 Emergency Helpline +91 9099089121
  • 2 ETO Sterilization (Working On Cartridge).
  • 2 Horizontal Steam Sterilizers (Dry Sterilization).
  • Graphical Record of Sterilization Cycle.
  • 2 Vertical Sterilisers.
  • Dedicated Staff of 3 Workers Trained in this Department.
  • Regular Record Keeping Of Sterilisation Cycle.
  • Regular Check of Cultured Samples and Machine.
  • This is niline with the best in industry.
  • Department has two horizontal sterilizer two vertical sterilizer.
  • Latest E.T.O sterilizer in, which ethilon oxide canister is used.
  • Special indicator strips check all steam starilization and E.T.O. starilization.
  • For steam stabilization pie graph is done for each cycle which measure. The temperature and pressure of each cycle.
  • Senior microbiologist studies all the graphs and cycles are repeated if failure is observed.
  • Zero infection per operation is noted since last 6 years.