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The hip is a ball and socket point. The bone of hip provide the connection between the upper and lower body, between the trunk and the lower extremities. The hip joints are composed of a round bone at the top of the thighbone better known as the femur, and another socket type bone in the pelvis called the acetabulum, into which the round bone fits These two bones assists in movement and making it possible for people to run, jump and walk

Disease of Hip

Hip Pain : the most common type of arthritis and other cause of hip pain such as Bursitis, Sciatica, Tendinitis

Osteoarthritis : It is most common of chronic disease in which joint of cartilage break down.

Rheumatoid Arthritis : rheumatoid arthritis is a special form of arthritis in which the body’s own immune system attacks the joint

Osteonecrosis : A devastating condition which can affect patient of any age is avascular necrosis or AVN of hip Joint

Septic Arthritis : Septic arthritis occurs when Joints infected

Hip Replacement Surgery right for you

If your hip is damaged by arthritis, injury or other condition and making it difficult to stand and walk, a total hip replacement surgery may be provide greatest relief from arthritis pain and restoring mobility. The aim of Total hip replacement surgery is to reduce pain and improve hip movement

Before Surgery

Prior to hip replacement surgery, orthopedic surgeon take some diagnosing step such as

  • Radiographs ( X-Ray) of Hip
  • MRI
  • Red blood cell count in blood test
  • Urine test for infection
  • Nuclear bone Scans
  • Arthrocentesis

Hip Replacement Surgery

There are two type of hip replacement surgery can be performed, including partial hip replacement and total hip replacement. The Basic concept of Total hip replacement surgery is to replace the ball and joint with an artificial ball and socket. After the joint is replaced, there is no longer any arthritis in joint due to artificially hip joint. Total hip replacement surgery

Partial Hip Replacement Surgery

Hemiarthroplasty is a partial hip replacement surgery (Just the stem and ball, without replacing the socket). In this of surgery the large metal ball fits within the patient’s own natural socket

If you schedule appointment at Welcare Hospital ( You will have pre-operative examination of Hip to determine of the degree of disability.