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Physiotherapy is a health profession concerned with optimizing mobility and function and helping the body heal itself. The physiotherapist does that through use of clinical reasoning to choose and apply appropriate treatment to achieve the desired goal.

Sanjivani Super Speciality Physiotherapy center is well equipped with latest equipments, technology and skilled staff to provide effective treatment for all kind of injuries and pains in Ahmedabad. We offer affordable and timely services for orthopaedic injuries and other major injuries.

At Sanjivani Physiotherapy center we perform a comprehensive evaluation to come to the conclusion for the assessment of the condition and then plan out the specific treatment. We try to locate to the root problem and help you recover in the most natural way without any side-effects.

With our experienced and active team we can manage to provide Physiotherapy treatment for all types of sports injuries, from the initial acute stage immediately after injury until the athlete is ready to return to play.


  • Active Physiotherapy
  • Passive Physiotherapy
  • Cardiac Physiotherapy
  • Wax Bath
  • Ultrasonic Stimulation of nerve
  • Feradic Stimulation of nerve
  • Traction

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