24x7 Emergency Helpline +91 9099089121
  • Backup Generator for Whole Hospital
  • In House Laundry
  • Roof Top Cafeteria ( Food )Services with
    • Indian
    • Gujarati
    • Punjabi
    • Mughalai
    • Chinese Dishes
  • Special feeding advised to ICU Patients by Qualified Dietician
  • Separated Parking Plot
  • Closed Circuit Camera Monitoring for any Un-toward Activity
  • 5 Beautiful Designed Consulting Rooms for Maximum patient comfort.
  • Spacious Waiting Rooms.
  • Well equipped casually for 24 hour Emergency.
  • Pharmacy
  • 24 Hours Ambulance Service

Interventional Pain Clinic

  • Clinic run by renonwed aneasthetic Dr. Dipak Desai.
  • Treatment for relief from various intractable pain.
  • EXP.
    • Cancer Pain
    • Nerve Pain
    • Organ Pain
    • Pain of spinalcanal stenosis and latrealcanal stenois of spine.
    • Trigeminal neuralgia.

Thermochoice Baloon Therapy

Treatment done by eminent doctor Dr. Mamtabhomia ablation of internal urinal wall by high tempereture of 87o degree centigrade which is controlled by computer

This is a nonsurgical technique of treating of treating disfunctional utrerine bleeding.