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Mrs. Dipmala Ben

This is to put on record my sincere appreciation for the very efficient care rendered to me by your staff and doctors during my recent illness at the Sanjivani Hospital.

Mr. James M. Chege (Nairobi, Kenya)

You have a very dedicated and qualified team of nurses and doctors working in great unison. This has enabled exceptional care for patients and given them a huge level of comfort.

Miss. Nernelle Noel (South Africa)

I would like to compliment the management and the organization at Sanjivani for creating a wonderful atmosphere of medical proficiency and hope that you will continue to do the good work that you have set yourselves for the betterment of humanity.
Warm regards once again and thank you for all the help and care.

Mrs. Shital Barot (Botad, Gujarat)

Sanjivani Hospital is a temple of health care in the finest traditions of world class standards. In a short while it will be the centre of medi-care in Gujarat. My compliments to the Family Trust for this most noble endeavor.

Mr. Mohhamad Safi Ansari (Jaipur, Rajasthan)

I would like to thank the Sanjivani Hospital for the excellent service provided during the medical check up I have had. I want to thank all concerned. I pray that this Hospital will continue to provide medical benefit to the poor.

Mr. B.N.Raval (Ahmedabad)

In this renowned hospital, through getting new friends and acquaintances I was able to examine my body thoroughly and I am very pleased. The doctors and all related staff took great care and responsibility for which I am very thankful. With my prayers for the peace and happiness of all

Mrs. Sunanda Moolya (Ahmedabad)

This has the making of a great institution for delivery of health care, with research and education. You have the ideal model and dedicated people who will bring it to fruition. I believe that your organization will be an inspiration to medicine throughout India and will be an important role model for other nascent organizations.

Mr. Bhagwatiprasad Agrawal (Ahmedabad)